Delivery of Service

All The Online Solutions technical support and repair services will be provided at the time of purchase. In the case that the customer purchases an extended coverage plan, then additional repair services will be provided at no additional cost to the customer during the term of the extended coverage plan.

With regard to all The Online Solutions services, the consumer can cancel his/her service at any point in time, if the customer is not satisfied with the services and solutions provided by Micro Software Squad./p>

Data Back Up Responsibility

The customer is solely responsible for maintaining and backing up all information, data, text or other materials (collectively “customer data”) and software stored on their device and storage media before ordering the services. The customer acknowledges and agrees that The Online Solutions or its referral partners have no responsibility or liability under any circumstance at any time for any loss or corruption of customer data, software or hardware that may arise out of the services we provide. The Online Solutions makes reasonable efforts to establish restore points throughout any service procedure, but does not guarantee the effectiveness or reliability of those restore points.

When getting your router or network serviced it is important that the firm doing the repairs have expert knowledge in repairing a broad array of devices and problems that occur with those devices. At The Online Solutions we have over a decade of experience and we use only trained and certified techs to work on our customer’s computing devices.

Additional Customer Responsibilities

In order to receive The Online Solutions services, you must have:

  • Full access (including any required licenses) to the hardware and/or software that is related to the software or hardware problem; and
  • Complete back-up of any data, software, information or other files stored on your computer disks and/or drives that may be impacted.

The Online Solutions is not responsible for any loss, corruption or alteration of data, software or files that may result from our technicians or the acts of The Online Solutions technicians. You are solely responsible for any and all restoration and reconstruction of lost or altered files, data, or programs.

You are responsible for ensuring that any information or data disclosed to The Online Solutions is not confidential or proprietary to you or any third party.

You hereby grant The Online Solutions permission to view, access and modify your computer, computer (including registry) settings and any related software or peripheral equipment, including all data, hardware and software components, in order to avail The Online Solutions technical support. You acknowledge and agree that you are the owner or authorized user of any hardware or software about which you are contacting The Online Solutions technician.

You agree to cooperate with and follow instructions provided by The Online Solutions technicians and acknowledge that such cooperation by you is essential to delivery of the successful delivery of The Online Solutions services.


The Online Solutions is an independent online technical support service provider. We provide technical support and maintenance for desktops, laptops, tablets, network devices and related peripherals. We provide service for all major third party software and hardware brands. Our services are provided through our pool of trained specialists and experts many of whom have been certified by leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Netgear, HP etc. However, our technical support is not provided in affiliation with any of the brands mentioned on this website. The brand names, trademarks, logos, company names used on this website belong to their respective owners. All brand names, trademarks, logos, company names used on this website are for representation purposes only. We are a full service, one stop solution providing 365 days maintenance and technical support services for home and small business computers and peripherals.